Redesign of NovoCarbo's Website
to increase the focus on their actual product.

the challenge was to direct the user's focus to the sale of Biochar.

NovoCarbo expressed the problem that users would not find their way around the old website and would not quickly understand what it was all about.

At the beginning we show an animated film which illustrates the process of Biochar. The pollutants are not, as often shown, taken out of the soil, but into it.

In order to bring the importance of Biochar to the site, we kept the design rather dark to accommodate the "charcoal factor". We also explained the process how and in what kind of way Biochar is produced or used.

Since NovoCarbo actually offers vegetable charcoal for sale, we decided to include a calculator that allows you to select exact information about the ingredients and use of the product. Thus, the ordering process was simplified.